WP 9 – Impact of policies on smoking: focus group discussions

University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Work Package Leader: Prof. Amanda Amos

The general objective of this work package is to generate new evidence on how tobacco control strategies implemented at local levels may influence youth smoking prevalence and smoking inequalities. The specific objectives are:

1. to organise focus group discussions with 8 groups of adolescents (selected by gender and socioeconomic status) within each of the 7 cities,

2. to analyse the interview transcripts to assess how adolescents perceive, engage with, and respond to tobacco policies and programmes as implemented in their school and city,

3. to identify variations between cities in adolescents’ response patterns, and to assess how and in what ways such differences relate to differences in tobacco control strategies as implemented at national, local and school levels,

4. to report the results and contribute to the development of “models of impact on smoking” in WP4.