WP 5 – National-level analysis of the implementation of tobacco control strategies

University of Maastricht, The Netherlands

Work Package Leader: Prof. Marc Willemsen

The general objective of this work package is to assess for 7 countries which national-level processes and conditions determine the way in which tobacco control strategies and programs are implemented at the national level and disseminated across the national territory. The specific objectives are:

1. to prepare an overview of current evidence on national-level processes and conditions that influence the adoption, implementation and dissemination of tobacco control policies,

2. to hold semi-structured interviews with policy makers and other stakeholders at national level, to assess processes and factors that influenced their decision making,

3. to perform a survey among local policy makers across the country, to assess the dissemination of policies across the national territory in 7 countries,

4. to integrate the evidence into a model on processes and conditions that are relevant across the 7 countries.