WP 10 – Context-specific program costs and cost-effectiveness of tobacco control strategies

National School of Public Health, Portugal

Work Package Leader: Dr. Julian Perelman

The general objective of this work package is to generate estimates of the program cost and cost-effectiveness of tobacco control strategies at national, municipal, and school levels, and to compare their values across cities and settings in order to determine the extent to which they are context-specific. The specific objectives are:

1. to prepare an overview of the previous program cost estimates and related measurement methods, and to develop a method of “realist economic evaluation”,

2. to conduct the program cost study in the 7 cities, and to analyse how program cost estimates vary according to the city, school, and type of strategy, and to identify possible correlates,

3. to link program cost estimates to effectiveness measures, in order to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of interventions and their variation across cities,

4. to integrate the results, and to contribute to the development of policy recommendations in WP3.